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In a Gallagher, Flynn independent valuation, our valuations experts research and analyze a business, calling upon real estate, personal property, or other asset valuation specialists as needed to provide you with a coordinated professional assessment.

We?ll get your input, listen to your questions, and give you the reasoning behind our assessment. We?ll examine the history of a business and, with your assistance, its financial future, before we come up with our final professional valuation.


So, does it make sense to use the services of a business valuations consultant? If you?re involved in one of the following situations, yes.

  • Purchase or Sale of a Business
  • Divorce Settlement
  • Estate Planning and Valuation
  • Succession Planning
  • Buy/Sell Agreements
  • Allocation of Purchase Price Among Assets
  • Shareholder Disputes
  • Refinancing
  • Recapitalization
  • Employee Stock Ownership Plans
  • Economic Damages and Lost Profits Analysis

Corporate Planning:

For a contemplated business sale or purchase, a business valuation is key to the success of the transaction. For sellers, it means the advantage of a substantiated asking price. For buyers, it offers a determination of the worth of the business and an ability to come to a fair agreement on terms.

We can also assign values to the individual components of a business, including current, fixed and intangible assets, an allocation that may result in substantial tax savings. And a valuation is essential for stock re-capitalization planning or formulating agreements between the owners of a business.

Estate Planning:

Typically, owners of closely-held businesses invest a major portion of their personal net worth in their own professional holdings. For smart estate and financial planning, to minimize income and gift taxes and, most importantly, for the minimization of estate taxes, a periodic business valuation is important. A substantiated valuation ensures the equitable distribution of a deceased business owner?s estate.

Family Issues:

During a divorce or dissolution of a personal partnership, a valuation is frequently required for a property settlement.


Click here for our Business Valuation white paper (pdf).

For additional information regarding our Business Valuation capabilities contact Mark Beliveau at 603-653-6917.


We are one of the largest independent Certified Public Accounting firms in the Northeast. The Gallagher, Flynn group is composed of individuals selected both for their excellent technical skills and their compatibility with our professional group. In addition to our Certified Public Accountants, some of whom have earned advanced accreditation in their specialties, we have people with extensive experience in human resource management, benefit plan development and administration, and other focus areas. Further, we have formed strategic affiliations with worldwide CPA firms in order to provide you with the depth of an international organization while continuing to offer timely and responsive services.


Our fee structure is variable and will be impacted by the range of services you require.


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