We are a firm that believes, foremost, in relationships. Relationships with clients, associates, and partners. Relationships with each other. At GFC, we understand that real and lasting accountability, integrity, and trust only happen when the relationship comes first.

To build these connections, we utilize our nearly half-century of commitment to excellence. It’s a commitment we reaffirm every day, as we strive to serve the unique and often evolving needs of each of our clients. By taking the time to get to know and understand the people and companies we work with, we are able to craft strategies that efficiently leverage our decades of experience and wealth of resources.

Relationships are the cornerstone of GFC, and the reason we’ll never be just another accounting firm. And you’ll never be just another client.


Diverse, yet focused. Forward-thinking, yet guided by integrity. Regional, yet globally connected. At Gallagher, Flynn and Company these aren’t contradictions; they’re strengths.

Diverse, focused: In the more than four decades since GFC’s founding, we have steadily broadened our reach. We now serve our clients' needs for traditional accounting and tax services, as well as a wide range of consulting services crafted to the specific requirements of the individual or business.

Forward-thinking, guided by integrity: Complex issues often call for creative solutions. At GFC, we’re proud of our ability to find logical answers to challenges that sometimes seem insurmountable. And to do so while in a manner that is cost-efficient, timely, and always focused on exceeding your expectations.

Regionally accessible, globally connected: Headquartered in South Burlington, Vermont, GFC also maintains a full service branch in the vibrant community of Hanover, New Hampshire. With over 70 full-time employees, including approximately 60 professionals, GFC is large enough to provide wide-ranging services, yet deft enough to act quickly while maintaining the client-focused approach on which the company was built.

GFC is also an integral part of the McGladrey Alliance, the national accounting firm association of McGladrey. McGladrey, working with McGladrey & Pullen, LLP, serves clients' needs from more than 600 offices worldwide and 100 offices nationwide. Our national Alliance gives us access to a full range of capabilities including the resources of McGladrey and over 100 other independent firms in the Alliance. We accepted an invitation to become a part of the McGladrey Alliance because it is a natural outgrowth of our commitment to clients and our determination to stay on the cutting edge of developments affecting accounting and consulting firms.

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2012 Sloan Award Winner for Excellence in the Workplace